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Many of you have emailed me asking how you can help support Michigan Snow Cams, including businesses that have wanted to place banner ads. My goal has always been to keep this site free of advertising as much as possible and free to use.

Due to an overwhelming response to the site (now getting over 5000 hits per day and as high as 14,000 in one day) my maintenance and server costs have increased.

My plans are to add streaming cams, which will show actual live movement of snowfall, deer and wildlife walking by, sleds roaring down the trail etc. This will also increase the cost of operating the site.

All that being said, and at the urging of many snowcam fans, it is now possible to help support the snow cam site by making a donation.

If you enjoy this site and would like to support it, please send your donation to: Ken Borton, PO Box 888, Gaylord, Michigan 49734 or you can click on the PayPal button below. Any amount would be greatly appreciated.

If you are not able to donate, we understand. Feel free to continue to visit us and enjoy the many cams across the state of Michigan. Thanks, Ken


The first new streaming cam has been installed. It is an IP camera housed in an all weather enclosure complete with a heater and fan. The camera system cost $1,800.00. The bandwith to display the webcam stream plus all the archived images runs about $190 per month. Thank you to everyone who continue to donate to this project. Hopefully people will enjoy and support the Snowman Cam in the future. Thanks, Ken (see the new streaming cam)

Thank You to the following people who have generously supported the Snow Cams

Carolyn Wells, Rochester Hills Michigan

James Low, Eugene Oregon

Dale F. Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Bob D. - Wyandotte, Michigan

Steve S. - Morecambe, Lancs, U.K.

Eric V. - Bay City, Michigan

Kevin H. - Lansing, Michigan

David Z. - Birmingham, Michigan

Sherri J. - St. Petersburg, Florida

Gina S. - Welcome, North Carolina

Corey C. - Gaylord, Michigan

Pat T. - Washington, Michigan

Elaine Q. - Ypsilanti, Michigan


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